Sunday, July 29, 2012

2 Cakes Due While Moving

Wow...Last weekend was such a busy weekend for me. I had two cakes due back to back while moving into a new house. I didn't think I can get it all done! I started stressing out about everything. How am I going to get these two cakes done? I don't want the cake to turn out bad. How am I going to do each character for the Chuggington Train cake? What am I going to do with the Dinosaur cake? How will I be able to work on the cakes while all my tools were packed in a box somewhere? How am I going to get things packed up, moved, and then unpack? So as all these thoughts and worries keeps popping up in my head, I started getting nervous. Aaahhh!!! What am I going to do?!?!

But then I stopped myself and said a little prayer to the Lord. I ask Him for guidance on how I'm suppose to go about with everything. I ask Him how will I create the two cakes. He answered and said to me...Child, I got it all figured out. All you have to do is follow My lead and relax. Well, I did just that!!! I finished my two cakes and had the best time creating each little details!!!  He was there with me the whole time telling me what to do. While I was doing my cakes, my husband and kids were at our other house trying to clear things up.

It's just amazes me every time to see the Lord work His miracles. Even the little ones too! Everything turned out great. I was blessed beyond words on how each cake turned out. Below are my two cakes. Hope you enjoy seeing them, because I enjoyed creating them. Of course, it's worked out because of the Lord. Praise God!!! :-)

Dinosaur Cake w/ Cupcakes

Dinosaur Cake surrounded with Dinosaur cupcakes

Happy Birthday Giovanni!!!

Mr. T-Rex

As me and my family got ready to deliver the Dinosaur cake, the enemy came in to play. I got in the car and my husband told me we needed gas. I was like, "...umm, okay. Can we get it after we drop of the cake?" He told me we'll do just that. But as we started driving, the gas indicator on our car screen started dropping. Each time I look at the number, it would drop a few more. Then my heart started racing when it said 12 miles to empty and we had a few more miles to go. I'm thinking we could probably make it and get gas afterwards. So I kept my eyes on the screen. But for some reason it was dropping so fast I couldn't seem to breathe. I closed my eyes and said a prayer! Thank the Lord that we have a gas station coming up before our destination. My husband and I both agree that we needed to stop and get gas before dropping the cake off. It's fine to be a few minutes late than not make it at all. The Lord had it all taken care of. We got gas and made it on time to deliver the cake and cupcakes! Whew!!!!

Chuggington Train Cake

Happy 4th Birthday, Chloe!
Brewster and Wilson
Chloe with her favorite, Koko! 

The next day, my Chuggington Train cake was due! And again, the enemy came in to play. Living here in Vegas is a challenge for many people. It was a challenge for me this day. As we got into the car and started driving, I looked down at the cake and was confused. I was wondering why did the cake look kind of weird. Then I realize that the chocolate letters of "Happy 4th" and the "C, L, and E" on Chloe was melting!!! I started freaking out and told my husband to turned around. He was wondering why and I told him that the letters were melting!!! So as he turned the car around, my heart was beating so fast. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness. What am I going to do?!?! Once again, I went to the Lord. Only He can figure this out. 

We went back home and I started making more chocolate letters. My husband told me in a calm voice to just get a hold of Tamara and tell her you'll be a few minutes late. Or we can just deliver it to them at the place of the party. So I did. Tamara was kind enough to tell me not to worry. Thank you, Tamara! :-) 

So, once all my letters were all ready, we headed back out. I decided to sit in the way back of our SUV with the cake to stay away from the sun. We drove over the Pump it Up and guess what? We made it on time. They were just getting their room. Aahh! The Lord is awesome!!

This picture of Chloe playing with her favorite Chuggington Train made my day. I had the biggest smile on my face and shared it with my husband. It was such a blessing when Tamara (Chloe's Mom) sent me this photo. I couldn't wait to share it with others!!! She is such a darling. This is the best payoff! When you share God's love with others, you will get love back in return!!! :-) 

All the stress I went through was all worth it! The look on both of the kids face was priceless!!! I love my job. What a blessing!!! :-)

I hope you guys enjoy my cakes. Once again, the Lord pulled it off. Have a blessed and sweet day! ~


  1. Ok so Sophie was recommended to me thru our mutual friend Tawanda, eager to get started I contacted Sophie right away knowing not everyone has the artistic ability to create the animated Chuggington theme my daughter desperately wanted and I couldn’t wait to hear her ideas. Let me say based on the initial conversation I just knew Sophie was a perfect fit! She shared my excitement and enthusiasm as if it was for her own kids! After viewing her previous work I had no doubt she would tackle the task. Long story short my daughter was simply ecstatic about her cake, it was wonderful both inside and out, just like Sophie! I’m recommending her to all my family and friends. She’s stuck with us for future events as long as she will have us. My husband always says good people attract good people and boy was he right thank you Sophie for sharing your blessing of making great cakes with the Bates family we will never forget it! 

    1. Awe... Thank you so much Tamara!!! I was so blessed to make your daughter her awesome cake. This cake was memorable for me as well since this was my first time hearing about Chuggington Trains. It's so sweet that you guys love your cake. Especially Chloe!!! I love the picture you sent me of her holding Koko the train. It was so sweet. I'm fine with being stuck with the Bates family!!! Lol :-) Can't wait to make more cakes for your family in the future. May the Lord bless you and your family with great joy!!! Have a sweet and blessed day!!! :-)