Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Month full of Blessings

Wow... I can't believe how busy I was in the month of August. Never thought it was possible. But once again, the Lord blessed me way beyond anything I could ever imagine. Thank you, Lord, for such an awesome month and summer.

When I started getting request for cakes, I told myself it would be so great to just get one order a week. I can keep myself busy and let my brain come up with designs. I never thought that after starting for two years, I would be making eleven cakes in one month! It was so amazing that I'm still in awe of the Lord. Best of all is, when I'm making my cakes, I get to spend time with Him. I would talk to Him and ask Him questions. He would tell me what step I need to take to make the cakes fabulous. Sometimes I think I know better and did it my way. Lol!!! Boy was I wrong. But it was so sweet that He step aside and let me do what I want. After struggling, I gave up and turned to the Lord. No matter how many mistakes I make, He's always there when I need Him. Of course after I admit I couldn't do it my way, He showed me what needed to be done. The finished result was amazing. Every cake I finished, I look back and said "Wow, Lord! We made this together and it's beautiful!"

Below are all the cakes the Lord and I made together. I pray that it brings you great joy as it brought me. I'm amazed at every creations we came up with. I love passing the Lords love onto others. Which is the reason why He blessed me with this wonderful gift of cake design. Please look forward to more cakes. God willing more busy months? Lol :-) Enjoy and have a sweet a blessed day!

Sports cake for Landon's 1st birthday!

Monkey Pirate Baby Shower Cake

Pirate Birthday Cake for Heny who serves in the Navy

This was his own artwork that he created for his ship! Pretty awesome.

Minnie Mouse cake and cupcakes for a sweet little girl who turned 3!

"I Love Lucy" cake for a sweet young lady, Elsa!

This is a little cake I made for my lovely sister. I missed her birthday but was blessed to whipped something up for her when she came to visit.

The flowers represent how beautiful, lovely, and awesome she is. Happy 21st birthday.

Groom's Cake

A calender cake for a busy young lady who turned 60!

Monster truck birthday cake for an awesome boy name Masen!

Wine bottle cake for Jeff's 60th birthday

Jeff's favorite wine: Rosenthal Cabernet Sauvignon

2nd "I Love Lucy" cake for a sweet friend!

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  1. Hi Sophie! I love all your work you do! So pretty and creative, you truly have a gift sister! God Bless you, I invite you over to my blog at

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