Saturday, July 14, 2012

New to Blogging and Nervous

Lol... For some weird reason I am so nervous to start this blog. Maybe it's because I have no idea what I'm doing...yet! I'm also excited to start learning how to become a blogger. Woo-hoo!!!

As I start my journey as a blogger, I thank God, for all He's done. Wow!!! He sure keep opening doors for me. Surprising me every time I open my eyes. Of course, sometimes I'm not even ready. He would catch me off guard. But hey, what He tells you to do, you better do it. Lol :)

 I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye. (Psalm 32:8) The Lord knows what He's doing. The best thing for me to do is take the back seat while He lead.

So here I am people! Starting a post to let everyone know my journey with the Lord. Without Him, nothing is possible. I wouldn't be where I am today. I never would have thought that I can make all these beautiful cakes. I'm so thankful for this gift He has blessed me with. I grew so much in my learning as a cake decorator. But most of all, I grew in my relationship with the Lord. He's there with me during every cakes I made. It's more like He's the baker and decorator while I'm His assistant. Without Him every step of the way, I would not know what I'm doing at all and that's the honest truth. With every new cakes I create, He never cease to amaze me. I'm in awe with every creations He comes up with!

I am so in love with what I do. Every time I get an order, I get so excited that my mind would run a thousand miles a minute. I start thinking of all the things that would make this one cake special. I have the best time when they give me a free reign on what to come up with. It is so much fun!!!

Before I end my first post, I would like to say 'Thank you' for taking your time and visiting my blog. I pray that you will continue to visit here and see what else the Lord has come up with. As of right now, I have three cakes I'm working on. The first cake is The Hulk for a very special and cute little guy name Angelo! He is such a darling. My second is a Dinosaur theme and third is a Disney Chuggington Train theme. I am so excited to get started on all these cakes. Once again the Lord keeps on going!!! <3

(A sneak peek at the Dinosaur Cake)
Have a sweet and blessed day! :-)


  1. i love that you are blogging! Such an inspiration to see as you follow in Gods will for you and He provides. love you XOXOXO

    1. Awe... Thank you for your support Meagan!!! Love and miss you!!!! <3